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Hosted Microsoft® Sharepoint

The Ultimate Collaborative Environment

Bypass the financial barriers to enterprise-class technology and go straight to the cutting-edge capabilities of today’s premier business collaboration platform.

Why It Works...

Connect your in-house and offsite workers with the content and resources they need to work smarter and faster for a small pay-as-you-go monthly fee. With Web-enabled software services from BizCom, you can trade the costly burdens of maintaining your own server, for a custom-tailored all-in-one productivity solution. Everything from expert system management and world-class data center equipment, to a 99.95% uptime guarantee, is part of the package. When you choose BizCom as your service provider, you have nothing to lose and all the benefits of an enterprise-class collaborative platform to gain.

  • Comprehensive document management – Advanced tools for document searches, rights management, version control, and customizing data views.
  • 24/7 instant access to critical data through a single password-protected site.
  • Ease of use – Intuitive user interface and seamless integration with familiar desktop applications minimize learning curves and training expenses
  • Enhanced teamwork and knowledge-sharing:
    • Boost team productivity with collaborative workspaces tailored to the needs of project teams
    • Keep colleagues, partners, and customers up to date by posting announcements, contacts, calendars, Web links, and other relevant information on central sites.

Connect with BizCom now for a hosted SharePoint solution that delivers a fast, full return on your investment.

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