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BizCom Content Management System

Do-It-Yourself Maintenance for Enterprise-Class Web Sites

Now you don’t have to be a technical whiz—or hire a staff of programmers—to protect your investment in a visually compelling, interactive Web site.

Why It Works...

Imagine an enterprise-class Web publishing environment where you could seamlessly update your company site without ever typing a line of code—or buying and running a high-end CMS application. And imagine that you could have this best-of-all-possible virtual worlds at your fingertips for a fixed monthly fee. With the BizCom Content Management System, you gain the power to make all the competitive advantages of your dreams a reality.

  • Maximize your site’s relevance, visibility, and usability - WYSIWYG editing and a drag-and-drop interface make freshening up pages a snap.
  • Control the consistency of your content, design, and brand image with pre-installed style sheets and centralized content management.
  • Streamline the publishing process with a customizable set of user-friendly management tools.
  • A central resource library - A single location for overseeing content, managing workflow, and monitoring bandwidth usage, site traffic, and disk space.
  • Page versioning with rollback for quick fixes and efficient tracking of content changes.
  • Searchable audit trails for optimal compliance management.
  • Automatic form builder - Create forms without coding.

The Basic version of BCMS comes installed on every BizCom-designed Web site and easily scales as your needs change to include multiple users and additional tools.

Contact BizCom now for a powerful content management toolset that makes sitting in the Webmaster’s seat completely comfortable.

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