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BizCom Hosted Email Archiving

Enterprise-Class Knowledge Management for SMBs

Guarantee the security, integrity, and availability of your vital electronic data for a small monthly subscription fee.

Why It Works...

Deploy a next-generation email management system in minutes. Then sit back and enjoy dynamic storage provisioning, improved system responsiveness, secure real-time access to vital business content, and failsafe disaster recovery. Best of all, you can have all this and more without spending a fortune to beef up your infrastructure, and IT staff. With our affordable monthly plans, all you need is an Internet connection to master your toughest email challenges:

  • Consolidate, control, and secure your information assets – Gain a centralized information repository that does double-duty as a 24/7 virtual library and an attack-proof data vault.
  • Automatic sorting and indexing integrates unstructured data into a logically organized knowledge base.
  • Offsite server management in our premier data center ensures authorized users can readily access relevant content regardless of power outages, equipment failure, or natural disasters.
  • Multi-layered security and comprehensive access rights management protect proprietary and confidential information from cyber-threats and insider tampering.
  • Maximize agility and operational efficiency / minimize risk
  • Optimize network and workforce performance with the multiple efficiencies gained from automatic storage management, cutting-edge anti-spam and anti-virus protection, and simplified email administration.
  • Fast forward critical business processes - Seamless access to a searchable database through a single Web-based interface streamlines legal discovery and line-of-business processes.
  • Preempt compliance failures and security breaches - Pre-set retention policies, and automatic monitoring of suspicious database activity, while minimizing the costly risks of regulatory violations, fraud, and misuse of information.
  • Cut the costs of growing your business - Expand mailbox capacity and create individualized knowledge libraries for different sites, without installing new hardware or software.

To learn more about the tangible business benefits of our cloud-based email archiving platform, contact BizCom now.

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